Shelby County Recycling District

FAQ’s about recycling in Shelby County

Q. Which plastics can I recycle?

A. Plastic containers with a #1-5 or 7 in the triangle on the bottom of the container.


Q. What about #6 plastics?

A. #6 is polystyrene (Styrofoam). Unfortunately, there is very little market for recycled polystyrene, so we would be unable to get rid of it if we collected it.


Q. What about the lids and rings on plastic containers?

A. These can now be recycled! No need to remove them.


Q. How clean do my recyclables need to be?

A. Your recyclables should be emptied of all contents. For some containers, this might include rinsing.


Q. What about alkaline batteries (not rechargeable)?

A. These should be placed in your regular trash for disposal. They are not considered and are not accepted for recycling. However, rechargeable batteries DO need to be treated as hazardous, the contacts taped off, and taken to the Pollution Prevention Center (PPC) at 1304 North Michigan Road in Shelbyville (open every Sat. from 7am-12pm). They are recycled.


Q. What about old paint cans?

A. If it is latex paint, add kitty litter or sand to the can to dry it up, then place in regular trash. If it is oil based paint or stain, take it to the PPC.


Q. What about the swirly light bulbs (CFLs)?

A. These contain mercury and should be treated as hazardous waste. Take them to the PPC. They are recycled.


Q. What can I do with my electronics that no longer work?

A. We accept electronics such as computer monitors, hard drives, printers, and televisions at the PPC.